LA Testimonials

“My 6 week old was having difficulty with regular bowel movements and screaming in pain. Frustrated that pediatricians said “that’s normal” and “wait it will pass” I took her to see Farley. Using a combination of massage, acupressure and acupuncture Farley helped relieve her pain. He also helped me with nutrition and diet as I exclusively breastfeed.  Now my daughter is able to have a bowel movement without screaming in pain. I was extremely happy that Farley could help her using natural approaches. I didn’t want to begin giving my brand new baby medicine and possibly become reliant on medication for her to become regular.
Not only is Farley very knowledgeable but he is timely in his response, use a multisystems approach and genuinely cares. I would not hesitate calling him again!! I highly recommend him!”
– Janelle V.

“I took one of my boys to see Farley after ear infections kept resurfacing over the past year, and I was trying to find a more natural approach than the typical antibiotic course recommended by pediatricians.  Farley helped relieve the fever with a few, painless acupuncture points on my son’s arm, and gave us some herbal remedies, as well as other practical advice to avoid ear infections.

I wanted to wait and see how things developed before writing a review, but I’m happy to say that almost six months later, neither of my boys have had an ear infection  since seeing Farley (despite several rounds of colds).

In support of this practitioner who cares about preventative care , I’ll only say that you should go see Farley if you suffer similar issues.  It’s well worth the cost given that we haven’t had to make a trip to the doctor since we saw Farley.”
– Marie T.

“First of all, Farley is fantastic.  A great guy, whom I have kept in touch with even though I am no longer living in the area.

I first came to Farley for to help rehabilitate my wrist after ligament surgery and 3 months of immobility in a cast.  I attribute Farley’s treatment of acupuncture and occupational therapy to the 100% recovery in strength and mobility of my wrist.  My surgeon predicted only 90% mobility after recovery, but after seeing Farley regularly I was able to gain 100% flexibility.  All though each session with Farley was different, each meeting included 20-40 min of acupuncture and then time dedicated to massage and stretching.

Farley effectively mixed acupuncture with contemporary techniques, applying kinesio tape methods to support the functionality of my wrist during the rehabilitation process.

All and all Farley is the person to see.  Unlike other acupuncturists that I have been treated by, Farley will take the time to explain the process and effects of acupuncture treatment.  This is especially nice for first timers and curious folks like myself.”
– David B.

“This was my last stop after a year long struggle to rehabilitate my injured lower right leg.  Western therapies didn’t work at all … and in fact, I suspect they may have prolonged the pain and delayed full recovery.

Leg’s still not perfect but Farley’s approach to my injury was much more helpful than the previous dozen or so I saw.  He has 3 qualities that make him an amazing practitioner of medicine … deep well of knowledge and experience, an open mind and a genuine concern.

He’s like a prize MMA fighter … brings multiple disciplines to kick the opponents @ss!!  For me, he used acupuncture, massage therapy and gua sha.  Referring all friends & family to him … go see him, you won’t be disappointed!”

– David C.